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Join J. D. Slater as he sits at home watching gay porn videos, including the cinematic goodbye of Roger, a mega gay porn star of his time (Roger was killed in a car accident).


Beautifully photographed, Roger pulls on his glowing meat live(!) at the Nob Hill Cinema in San Francisco. Other new footage includes a jack off solo as J.D. Slater gets more and more turned on after each clip. The other tapes are excerpts from previously released films, like New York Construction Company and Bad, Bad Boys.


Jack Wrangler even makes a short appearance as a maintenance man who gets sucked off and then pisses in the basement.


One unusual clip has a guy wearing a ball stretcher and then fucking a man with his nuts only.


The varied lengths of the carefully chosen episodes and the way in which they are strung together make this a well-paced and well-thought-out tape, putting it a mark above most compilations.


Unfortunately, Wrangler is not on the screen very long, but the other action is both diversified and continually interesting.


This vintage gay porn film has excellent sound and cinematography.


Key Words

Body Builder | Muscle | Jockstrap | Underwear 

Year: 1981
Cast: Roger (III), J.D. Slater, Jack Wrangler, Jason McBride, Jayson MacBride, David King, Ryder Jones, Guy Silva, Russell Long, Giuseppe Welsh, Victor Houston
Length: 72
Studio: Bijou
Director: Uncredited


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