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Gay Games II Highlights

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Gay Games 2 HighlightsGay Games 2 Highlights
Gay Games 2 HighlightsGay Games 2 Highlights
Gay Games 2 HighlightsGay Games 2 Highlights
Gay Games 2 HighlightsGay Games 2 Highlights
Gay Games 2 HighlightsGay Games 2 Highlights

Male Entertainment Network (MEN) was founded in 1983 and lasted for 10 years as a media company for the gay community. During that time, they produced 40 videos - including all the official coverage of Gay Games II. MEN documented gay history in a unique fashion - capturing, in words and images, gay life in the '80s in this vintage gay documentary.


This look at the 1986 Gay Games in San Francisco will satisfy the general interest of those who want what the title implies--highlights. But those seeking more of the actual full-length competitions will not find it here.


This tape is well-edited and gives what it promises, the highlights. Opening with a large montage of some sporting events, opening ceremonies, and the pre/post shows, Sister Boom-Boom leads the parade of the Board of Directors and Executive Director Shawn Kelly.


Then, guest M.C. Rita Mae Brown introduces the event, which has 3,482 athletes from 17 countries, 37 states, 261 cities, in 17 sports. Amongst brief interviews and thoughts by various athletes from around the world, we get to watch highlights from women's power lifting, long distance running, women's softball, men's baseball, swimming, track, volleyball, wrestling, soccer, racket ball, basketball, golf, and tennis.


Following, the founder and president of the Gay Games, Dr. Tom Waddell, gives a speech about the games the Procession of the Arts. The mayor of San Francisco at the time, Dianne Fienstein, offers her support, and two different singers (including the Grand Marshall, Sharon McKnight) perform while we get a glimpse at some of the male and female physique/muscle competitors.


Ends with Shawn Kelly giving a speech, the finale parade of the entire Gay Games athletes, and Richard Dobson (Chair of the 1990 Gay Games) presenting this year's logo.

Watch this one at regular speed and you'll love it's full effect. Watching this video in fast-forward will cause you to miss more than you'll want to.


"Technically it's flawless and filled to overflowing with videographer's magic. But it's very much like running through an art gallery." -- Adult Video News

A Kathy Wolfe Video/Blush Productions creation from the Male Entertainment Network.


Key Words

Bodybuilder | Muscle | Gay Games | San Francisco | Vintage Gay History

Year: 1986
Cast: Rita Mae Brown; Tom Waddell; Dianne Feinstein; Sharon McKnight; Shaw Kelly; Richard Dobson; and others
Length: 60
Studio: Men Entertainment Network
Director: Uncredited
Gay Games 2 HighlightsGay Games 2 Highlights


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