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Get That Sailor

Item ID....D00723
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During a 48-hour pass, a young navy recruit gets more than he bargains for when he stays at a cheap hotel.  


He gets fucked and sucked by fellow comrades in service, who feel it's their patriiotic duty to service each other!


A hard pounding by a grizzled sergeant makes his stay a sexperience he'll never forget.


This vintage gay porn includes a hot orgy with lots of cock eating and cock sitting. 


"A superhung Army man is seen getting his thick cock sucked off by a willing Marine. After talking a bit, the two decide to break into the new guy's quarters and violates the shit out of him; the scene is a scorcher. Army is a bit of a talker and voyeur; he positions himself on a chair and gives orders for his buddy to ravage our sailor.


Next, we see two sailors getting high (complete with psychedelic lighting effects). Their "I won't tell if you don't" scene will have you tripping back to those sticky fumblings you (never) had in high school: it's played so real you may not be able to hold back your load. The vid ends with the whole flophouse gangbanging the sailor (who looks so stunned that I thought this was a documentary)


. .With lots of rimming, cum-eating, and butt-plunging action, it's a true classic of a time long gone ... but definitely not forgotten."

-- Keeneye Reeves


DVD includes 16 bonus trailers!


Key Words

Cum Eating | Mature | Miitary | Orgy | Rimming | Rough Sex | Sailor | Youngmen | Uniform | 16mm Film



Year: 1973
Cast: Joe Raven, Dennis Van, Rick Valli, John Twist, Will Yolen, Dan Thomas
Length: 86
Studio: Jaguar
Director: Brad Kingston
D00723 Get That SailorD00723 Get That Sailor


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