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Swim Meat

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Swim Meat DVDSwim Meat
Swim Meat DVDSwim Meat
Swim Meat DVDSwim Meat
Swim Meat DVDSwim Meat
Swim Meat DVDSwim Meat

This vintage gay porn video features an all-blond, “California-type” cast; overall, showing a major youth emphasis.


The young guys swim and dive, both in swimsuits and in the nude. In fact, the swimsuit fetishist will find much to enjoy here, as the guys often jerk off with their swimsuits on and strip in and out of them! The sex scenes, which mostly take place poolside, include stripping down for oral sex, anal sex, and 69ing, but the film is especially notable for its long, involved j/o scenes and an intense mutual j/o in its final big orgy scene.


When this film was released on video, our reviewer comments about the inconsistent sound, which includes distracting background noise and some moments of no sound. One scene in particular is obviously dubbed. The anal shots are very effective, for the most part, but the lighting is at times inconsistent. The remastering of this gay sex video has improved the quality of this film.


The film begins with Chris M. swimming in the pool in his swimsuit. He gets out, dives in and out again, strips, and begins to swim in the nude. He talks to himself on the side of the pool about a guy coming over for swimming lessons. He feels his cock. Chris Star then enters in shorts and T-shirt, and Chris S. asks Chris M. about his nickname, “Humpy,” because of how he humps half the swim team. Chris M. sucks Chris S. by the poolside while a dog barks in the background (fair production values throughout in this scene, mostly interference noise, including noise from an airplane). Chris S. then jacks off Chris M. under the water by the side of the pool, and then he sucks Chris M., who shows a lean and smooth cock. Chris M. then jacks off himself as Chris S. licks his nips, finally cumming in an effective cumshot.


The scene then cuts to Chris M. again swimming, doing laps in the pool. Four men enter for swim practice. Chris M. strips and puts on swimsuit, with some effective shots of him doing it. The other strips, then Sparky, who puts suit on, followed by Beau and Jamie, followed by shots of all swimming in the pool. Lots of diving and swimming by the five blond studs follow. Chris M. then explains diving techniques, and all five take a dive. Sparky strips for a nude swim/dive, and then all strip for the same activity. The film then cuts to Sparky and Beau; after an unseen piss, the scene cuts to them on a blanket outdoors for a mutual j/o. Beau sits on Sparky's condomed cock; Sparky rides Beau (why the sound of crickets in the daytime?). Several decent shots of fucking ensue, and Sparky jerks off and cums. Beau then rides Sparky, he jacks off for a long time and cums. The two kiss and hug.


We are back at the pool. Beau and Chris Star (from the first scene) are together; Chris sucks Beau and finger fucks him in a scene which may not be from the same film and seems dubbed, but the overall scene is effective, especially the close-ups. The camera then cuts to Beau pulling his pud for the camera, with some great shots of his cock and ass. The scene then cuts to a scene filmed underneath the camera for some enticing shots of an anal fuck. Beau is fucking Chris S. doggie style with a rubber, a long fuck scene; both jerk off and Chris S. cums copiously for the camera.


Next, we see Jamie and Chris M., aka Humpy. Jamie jerks off through his swimsuit, and the couple go to the bedroom. They kiss, still wearing the swimsuits. Jamie rubs Chris M.'s crotch; Chris strips Jamie, then self. Lots of foreplay, frottage, kissing, and cock rubbing occur in a long, slow scene, followed by some very hot shots of Chris sucking Jamie. Jamie licks Chris's nips and chest.


The scene then cuts to Chris fucking Jamie doggie style, notable for its long, show penetration shot. The two shift to the missionary position (no sound here for some reason). Jamie jacks off and cums on Chris, while Chris shoots a load on himself. In the final scene, Chris M. licks Jamie's tit, and Beau is on the floor jacking off through his swimsuit (of course). Chris M. bites on Jamie's cock (still a bulge beneath the swimsuit), and Chris M. then sucks him. All three jerk themselves off; the scene soon burgeons into a five-way group jack-off with both “Chrises.” Sparky really gets into it and explodes. Chris M. and Jamie cum after a long jerk-off scene, notable for its excellent close-ups. Jamie and Chris M. kiss and hug passionately as the movie ends.


Originally released in 1988 as a Peter Hunter production by First Class Male.


Remastered onto DVD by Bijou Video in 2011.


Key Words

Blonds | Orgy | Swimming | Youngmen | Bathing Suits | Swimming Pool | Bathroom | Kissing | Hugging | Hairless

Year: 1988
Length: 120
Studio: First Class Male
Director: Peter Hunter
Swim Meat DVDSwim Meat


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