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The Bigger the Better

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The Bigger The Better by Matt SterlingThe Bigger The Better D00350
The Bigger The Better Bijou Classic by Matt SterlingThe Bigger The Better D00350
The Bigger The Better Gay Porn Video by Matt SterlingThe Bigger The Better D00350
The Bigger The Better Gay Sex Video by Matt SterlingThe Bigger The Better D00350
The Bigger The Better Gay Porn Classic by Matt SterlingThe Bigger The Better D00350
The Bigger The Vintage Gay Porn by Matt SterlingThe Bigger The Better D00350
The Bigger The Vintage Gay Sex Movie by Matt SterlingThe Bigger The Better D00350
The Bigger The Better 1984 Gay Porn Movie by Matt SterlingThe Bigger The Better D00350
The Bigger The Better 1984 Gay Porn Classic by Matt SterlingThe Bigger The Better D00350
The Bigger The Better Gay Porn Bijou ClassicThe Bigger The Better D00350
The Bigger The Better starring Joe CraigThe Bigger The Better D00350
The Bigger The Better starring John ThomasThe Bigger The Better D00350
The Bigger The Better starring John Thomas and Joe CraigThe Bigger The Better D00350
The Bigger The Better by Matt Sterling from Bijou StudioThe Bigger The Better D00350
The Bigger The Better Vintage Gay Porn from BijouThe Bigger The Better D00350

The Bigger the Better is the number-one best-selling gay porn sex video of all time. Directed by Matt Sterling, it has an all-star cast of gorgeous hunks, extraordinary production values, very little plot and strong manly action that just doesn't stop!


One of the reasons this film has been and continues to be such a success is that it brings instances down to earth (unlike Sterling's other films which offer fantasies conceived from wild imaginations), presenting us with situations within the realm of possibility.


Rick "Humungous" Donovan plays a college student who must remain after class. Donovan fucks the teacher (Matt Ramsey), noisily and violently, and only after making Ramsey plead for it.


Other highlights include Buster emerging from the bathroom to find his straight buddy is napping on his bed in white Jockey briefs, illuminated by a bright shaft of light from the bathroom door. The friend awakens and coaches Buster through a customized blow job, telling him each step of the way just how he likes it.


The movie's final scene has Brian Hawkes (a.k.a. Shawn McIvan) getting down and dirty with four different guys in one of the school bathrooms. They fuck and suck on the toilet, on the floor and through the glory hole. Brian appears so turned on during this long sequence that it seems impossible he could hold his own climax until after he has satisfied the four others, but he does.


There are no mechanical motions here. The film maintains an intensity throughout and will have you watching it again and again and again. No self-respecting porn collector should be without a copy of this video!


One Bijou reviewer wrote:


This is as good as it gets when it comes to classic porn - huge cocks, some incredibly gorgeous men, hot sex, fantastic cum shots, and enough of a story to keep the fantasy going. Matt Sterling hit his stride when he made this back in 1984.


You'll find some fantasy student-teacher sex, tea room action, dirty talk, classic bareback action with cum flying everywhere, huge loads, and one of the all-time great underwear sequences in this winner from Sterling.


This movie is also noteworthy because it's one of the few gay flicks legendary straight porn Peter North ever made.


The Bigger the Better remains one of the all-time best-selling films in porndom for good reason - it has stood the test of time and simply is one of the best out there. The movie opens with Rick "Humongus" Donovan thumbing through a magazine of stills from Matt Sterling's Matter of Size. He is lying on the bed wearing underwear undulating his ass. He then plays with his cock in his underwear, flopping it around in the white briefs.


Rick's dong is legendary in porn, long, thick, fleshy, and in this movie he manages to keep that monster hard. He yanks it out and does a quick jack off sequence to get things rolling.


The credits roll and we hear the voice over of teacher Matt Ramsey (a.k.a. Peter North) talking about teaching his all-male class. He has a confrontation with Rick Donovan and keeps him after school for detention.


Teacher Peter North discovers that Rebellious Rick is looking at porn instead of reading the assigned chapter. The teacher asks "Is this what you're trying to major in?" and bad boy Donovan's cocky response is: "I think I already have," while rubbing the bulge in Peter North's dress slacks. They launch into a sex scene that scorches. Rick bends Peter over a school desk and rubs his massive dong all over Peter North's pants, underwear, then strips the teacher.


He then mercilessly pounds North's ass banging the desk around while Peter chews on his underwear. North shoots one of his famous huge loads all over the desk then sits on Donovan's huge cock on the teacher's desk as Donovan urges him to "ride that dick." The scene ends with the two guys fucking on the classroom floor, and Peter shooting another huge, massive load over his own chest, face, and hair. Amazing!


The student-teacher action continues when cutie Brian Michaels comes by his teacher's house for pointers in weightlifting. As they workout their cocks flop around in their shorts and sweat pants, creating incredible erotic anticipation until they get so horned up the nasty student takes his teacher's cock out of his shorts while lifting and starts hungrily sucking on it. Peter North rips Brian's sweat pants off his ass and starts in on another hard fuck on the weight bench ending up with yet a third huge Peter North load all over his chest.


The hallmark of the film is the next scene where two gorgeous blond young men, Mike Ramsey and Buster go cruising for babes together but end up empty handed. Mike Ramsey earns his name, because he really is a true god, an Adonis with a handsome face and a ripped body. They decide to call it a night, crashing together on the same bed. Buster wakes up to piss, and when he comes back, he stares at Mike Ramsey's body while the young god napping.


This sequence contains some of the most erotic filming of underwear in porn, as Buster stares at Mike's huge bulge in his white briefs, totally mesmerized, while his own tighty-whitey's tent out at his huge erection. The camera lovingly pans over Ramsey's hard, ripped body, signature Sterling photography.


There is a brief kiss, and Mike wakes up, urging his good buddy to suck cock in some of the hottest, most authentic sex talk you'll hear in porn. Both cocks are huge, and the close-ups of Buster's mouth straining to take Ramsey's massive cock will have cocksuckers drooling. There is some close-in rimming, then the scene ends with the guys flip-flopping.


First Buster sprays his load on Mike Ramsey's thighs then sticks his cock, covered with cum, back in and fucks him good and hard some more. Following Ramsey throws his buddy's legs up in the air and delivers one hard, hot pounding, spraying his load over Buster's stomach.


The last sequence is a bathroom sequence that starts with hot and nasty Shawn Mclvan jacking off in a stall ogling Doug Weston's huge cock through a glory hole while Weston takes a piss. Weston then sticks his cock through the hole and gets a hot, wet, nasty blowjob from Mclvan, spraying his load all over the cocksucker's face. Another guy sticks his ass under the stall to get rimmed, than blows more seed on Melvan.


Two more guys come by and Mclvan services them all, including getting on the dirty bathroom floor and rides a cock while sucking a gorgeous brunette off.


If you've ever dreamed of being a total toilet tramp whore, you will learn how to do it watching this scene for sure.


The scene ends with cum splattering everywhere, ending a movie in which there is not a weak moment to be found. Truly a classic! -- Taylor


Advocate Men called this video "Matt Sterling's masterwork."


"Three reasons to buy this film

  • Classic gay porn doesn't come much better than this, guys.
  • Shawn McIvan's gloryhole bathroom scene still makes us pass out.
  • "The one" where Rick Donovan rams Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North)." -- -Keeneye Reeves

"Buckets of cum, mega-huge cocks and underwear play like no other will put a big-ass smile on your face, guaranteed. One of director Matt Sterling's all-time greatest, it's a must-see and a must-own." -- Keeneye Reeves


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Year: 1984
Cast: Joe Craig, John Thomas, Matt Ramsey (Peter North), Brian Hawks (Shawn Mclvan), Doug Weston, Rick Donovan, Buster, Brian Michaels, Mike Ramsey
Length: 68
Studio: Bijou
Director: Matt Sterling
The Bigger The Better Bijou a Vintage gay porn classic film from Matt SterlingThe Bigger The Better D00350


Tuesday, 17 February 2015
I bought this one on VHS and liked it so much I bought it on DVD! One of the best. If I had any improvements to film suggest it would be that Rick Donovan had another scene later in the film. With someone to suck his cock.
Ronald Parsons