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Bijou Games


since 1970
1349 N. Wells St. Chicago Open 24/7 312-943-5397
$18 Admission $4 One-time Membership Charge - Must Present Card

$10 Mondays from 9am to 5pm-membership required



  • Welcome to the Bijou Theater
  • Movies playing August 28 - September 3 at the Bijou Theater:

HEAT WAVES - Bijou Classic (Nova)


PUMPED - Hot House







The 3rd Saturday of every month, the Bijou Theater brings you

The Bijou Boys Nude Revue with performances from 3 dancers!


Let It All Hang Out


Saturday, September 19th from 10 pm to Midnight

Click here for event page

Now Showing at The Bijou
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Bijou Boys Nude Revue
3rd Saturday of each Month

1349 N. Wells St. Chicago, IL 60610 312-943-5397

Bijou Theater

      It was in 1969 that the company that founded Bijou (along with many other Adult Theaters and businesses) was formed. Steven Toushin, one of the orginal people in this endeavor, is still actively running the buinesses today.


      In January of 1970 the Bijou Theater opened it's doors on the first floor of a four story Victorian building. The first film that played on it's screen was Ricard Nixon's Checkered speech, name after the Nixon dog Checkers; the film that followed was a gay porn film. The Bijou quickly became the place for men to meet men in Chicago, from tourists to conventioneers, from suburbanites to Chicagoans. In 1980 the Bijou expanded to the second floor, where men can relax and unwind was established, along with a renovated back yard for the summer months where the customers could enjoy quiet and sun shine in the great out doors. The Bijou was now open 24/7,  the party never stopped. It was in 1984 that the bijou expanded again, taking over the third floor of the building and expanded its reputation as a place where men can meet men. The Bijou was now firmly established as the Mecca for gay men in Chicago.

      Now nothing was all fun and games. There was a price to pay for all this fun and freedom: numerous Police raids, obscenity busts both local and federal, bomb threats, self-serving homophobic politicians, bad economic times, the Internet. But through it all the Bijou never skipped a beat; we produced numerous parties with Carols Speakeasy and Touche's. We had our porn stars,  the Bijou Boys stripper shows, as well as Bijou's Erotic Cabaret which consisted of erotuc skits with the performers performing to original music on our stage. We also presented Special movie nights and hosted club parties. The Bijou is now celebrating 45 years of business. Yes we've gotten a little older but we are very experienced.

      The Bijou can proudly boast, shout to the heavens that it has catered to over five and half million men from January 1970 to Dec 2010 with great satisfaction. So whenever your are in Chicago, please drop by the Bijou.

Steven Toushin