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Tough Guys Do Dance

Item ID....D01806
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A Vintage Classic Gay Porn - Tough Guys Do DanceTough Guys Do Dance D01806
A Vintage Classic Gay Porn - Tough Guys Do DanceTough Guys Do Dance D01806

This film is really four short subjects, each with a well-developed story. Strong on atmosphere, this unusually bold and imaginative movie contains suspense, seduction, and horniness.


InPhone Call From a Stranger,a young man in a tuxedo (Lon Flexx) is seen cruising dark alleys when a nearby pay phone rings. He answers it and a mysterious voice instructs him to come to an apartment across the street. He arrives to find a nude man masturbating. The man reveals an extraordinarily large cock. The young visitor slowly strips out of his clothes and joins the stranger for sex that is sensuous and somewhat threatening.


Love Bug tells the story of a man who bugs his straight neighbor's house in an effort to share vicariously in the man's lovemaking to his wife. When the neighbor's wife leaves him, however, the gay man comes over to console and seduce him. Paul Rappalo plays the sensitive straight neighbor and David Bach is the wily gay man. In Bi Me a Drink, Sharon Kane and Tom Rucker pick up Rod Garetto in a gay bar and take him home. Both wallow in oral pleasure over Rod's big, stiff cock, and Rod, like the stud they hoped he'd be, fucks both of them vigorously.


There is a wonderful close-up in this episode when handsome Tom is sucking Rod's dick and Sharon, watching her friend Tom in action for the first time, says, "Tell me what I'd have to do to make you love me." Nobody finds love in this encounter, but three people each get something they very much wanted. The Cure is truly bizarre, among the strangest pieces of gay erotica ever committed to film.


A young man sexually obsessed with women is sent to a therapist. The therapist hypnotizes the man, dresses in women's stockings, and he then seduces him. Director Toby Ross has elicited expert performances from his diverse and attractive cast. Adult Video News has high praise for Tough Guys Do Dance, noting that it works as "art as well as fantasy."


"Tough Guys Do Dance is a remarkably creative and hot video. It manages to be both imaginative and bonerizing." -- Guide to the Gay Northeast, Boston "It was hot action and, believe it or not, emotionally involving." -- Frontiers


"You can believe the actors here, especially when they are all very HOT and come across as truly enjoying the sex. There is no invoked moaning or screaming, just hot guys who make you feel welcome to participate." -- Gaybeat, Cincinatti


This film was awarded four stars, the highest rating ever given to any gay adult film.


Key Words

Anal Fucking | Big Dick | Masturbation/JO | Oral Cock Sucking | Threeway

Year: 1991
Cast: Lon Flexx, Paul Rappallo, David Bach, Bill Crane, Tom Rucker, Rod Garetto, Sharon Kane
Length: 90
Studio: Toby Ross
Director: Toby Ross
A Vintage Classic Gay Porn film Tough Guys Do Dance from Toby RossTough Guys Do Dance D01806


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