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Muscle Digest, 1980, Feb, Vol. 4, No. 1, vintage muscle magazine, lifting weightsMuscle Digest, 1980, Feb, Vol. 4, No. 1, vintage muscle magazine

Muscle Digest, 1980,

                            Vintage Gay Culture, Vintage Physique Magazines and Magazines


       In this section (Vintage Gay Physique) Bijou has amassed an extensive inventory of magazines of specific titles. These magazine are from 1900 to the 1960's (some of these magazines are also in the Vintage Gay Culture section of our website). 

      Physique magazines are classified as body building or Grecian style posing, no nudity, skimpy undergarments or a posing strap that covered the male genitals. All through those early years of quiet homo erotica many publishers of men's magazines knew that homosexuals were their largest audience so most of the men in these magazines wore G-String posing straps.

      Joe Wieder the king of body building magazines and Contests (Mr Olympia, Mr Universe etc) understood this when he first started in 1946, it wasn't by chance that many of the men on his staff were gay (listed here are two of the more famous these men. Lon Hanagan, George Quaintance). Because of this knowledge Wieder created two magazines specifically for gay men in the 1950's Adonis and Body Beautiful.

      By the 1950's magazines displaying young men in their teens come onto the scene. To name some of the magazines in this category: Grecian Guild, Physique Pictorial, Trim, Mars, Body Beautiful, Adonis, Male Classics, Big, Jr. Muscleboy, Demigods, Young Physique, Manual, Male Classics, 101 Boys, Goldenboys and much more. Many of the earlier men's magazines sold photo sets of the men posing in these magazines (mail-order)    

      Each week we add new product from our extensive inventory to the Bijou website, So please take the time to browse by either using our general search that is located on the left side navigation bar or our category title search that is on each category page more precise title search.

                                               New magazines for this week: Grecian Guild, Vim, Manual, Jr. 101 Boys, Fizeek, Adonis.