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Bijou Games

1- How to Register to Bijouworld

2- Bijou buys and accepts donations of magazines and other sexual items

3- Shipping policy

4- Shipping costs UPS, USPS


5- International Shipping


1- You must be registered to the site to be able to log-in and purchase any item(s).

To register to the Bijouworld.

a- Click on the Log-in button at the right of the top Navigation bar. A drop-down menu will appear. At the bottom of the drop-down menu is the link Register.

b- Click on the Register link and the User Registration screen will open up.

c- Fill out the requested information on the short registration form and click at the bottom where it says Register. (please check to make sure that you put in your correct email address)

d- You will be sent a Verification email to your email address in-box (please check your spam and junk mail if the verification email does not appear in your in-box).

e- When you open the verification email you will see a verification link. You need to click on this link to verify your email address which will create your account for Bijouworld. (Most websites have this type of verification process, Amazon, ebay, Paypal etc.)

g- If you try an purchase an item(s) and you have not registered to the site you will not be able to check out and pay for the item(s).

2- Bijou Buys and accepts Donations of magazines and other sexual items

If you are looking to rid yourself of sexual materials to make space, or you have no use for these items anymore, or you want them to be in loving respectful hands, we will gladly except them under our standard condition (please read a-i). If they meet our requirements for purchase or donating we will pay for the freight. Please read our requirements below. Thank you

We buy magazines, movies brochures, 8mm films, used toys and other erotic materials.


You've been cleaning out your closet, or your moving, or a friend left you a few boxes of magazine, 8mm films, movies brochures, dildo's who knows what? And your looking to get rid of them, or make room for new items: you can either throw them away, or donate them to your local gay organization. Or if you think they are worth a lot of money, then try selling them on ebay (good luck to you), or call Bijou.

We buy magazines and other sexually oriented materials but we need informed, truthful information first. But please remember that for Bijou all items must be in very good to excellent condition, if not we have no use for them. So please read and follow our requirements listed below.

a- What magazines or items are your selling?

b- If what you have are magazines, what are the names and series number of the magazines? (all items must be listed and described)

c- What are the dates of the magazines?

d- How many magazines do you have?

e- What are the condition of the magazines or items?

f- Are the covers torn, creased, worn, spine split? Are pages missing, loose or cut, staples rusted, centerfold missing or loose etc. (Are the items broken, etc)

g- If the item is a VHS tape (or Beta) what condition is it in? Is it playable? Did it come come from a rental store? If so we have no use for the tape, to much use and abuse. Does the tape come in its original box?

h- If the item is a DVD, is the paying surface scratched or have any foreign substance attached to the playing surface? If it is not in good working and clean order we have no use for it. Does the DVD come in its original case?

i- Dildo's, leather, sexual toys, bondage equipment, paddles, whips, floggers, tit clamps etc. Al must be in good condition.

Bijou's inventory procedure and purchase price offering


Bijou's procedure for inventorying magazines and other items is; we go over the condition of each item and place our notes into the items folder. We then package the item in plastic and acid free magazine backing board, assign the item an inventory number, put the item into the computer and on the website and then store them for easy access.

So you understand, do not expect to sell magazine's or other items to Bijou for what you think the going retail price should be (everyone thinks what they have is worth a lot of money). So if you want to try your hand at getting what you feel the items are worth, then spend time putting in the effort to open an ebay account, learn the ebay store procedures, list the items and wait until you sell an item, If and when you do sell an item then you have to package it up and get the postage and then mail the item out.

We at Bijou buy wholesale we do not pay much for most magazines because we already have 35,000 magazines in inventory and adding daily (same goes for VHS, DVD's etc). If what you have is of interest to us please remember that Bijou will also incur the cost of the shipping, packaging, labor, storage, entering the vitals into our computer system, and website; all this will be reflected in the negotiated price.

If the items are not as described, we have the option of shipping the items back to you at your expense, (we would contact you to send postage) or we might give you another offer for the items. If you decide not to send the return postage we have the right to dispose of the magazines or give them to the Brown Elephant (a funding arm of the Howard Brown Clinic here in Chicago) without any consequences from you to Bijou. If an honest and truthful assessment is not given we will have lost time and money for nothing. So please be honest and I mean truthful with us in your assessment of the magazines it works out better for both of us.

8mm films

During the 1970's and early 1980's, 8mm film was the viewing standard for watching porn. There were 500-600 gay porn films that were put on the retail market during that period. The more popular films were Falcon, Brentwood, Colt, Dimension, Starline, DSI, Magnum Griffin, Nova, just to name a few. These studios plus other studios sold their films to other companies who changed the titles and catalog numbers of the films, and put them back on the market under a new series name (Chaps, Muscle, Stallion, etc). While many of these films were also sold in plain white box's with no identifying label.


For many people today who own or have acquired a collection of 8mm film, have no means of determining the condition of these films, since most people do not have a projector or viewer. What people tell us is that the films looks in good condition from a sight inspection of the film reel not the film content itself.


We here at Bijou have no way of determining the condition of the film until we get them and put the them through our viewers. Because of the material make up of film and over the course of many years in storage, temperature, humidity and moisture play a large factor in the condition of the film. This does not take into account the physical condition of the film itself that had been put through a projector, which may have tears, bad sprocket holes, and may show the effects of being badly scratched from projector use. These and other factors which are listed below will determine if the film is salable.


When we give an offer we take into account all the above factors plus our inventory which consists of over 5000 films in-which we have many duplicates copies of the same film. We also take into account the shipping cost, our labor for viewing the film, storage and the labor of entering the films into our computer system, and the current buying market. Putting all this together we offer $2.00 per 3, 5, 7 inch reel if salable.


When after our inspection if any of the films are not usable we will alter our offer. If you do not accept our new offer we will return the unusable films back to you in-which you will have to send us the return postage. If you do not send the money for the return postage we have the right to dispose of the film without any consequences from you to Bijou. Again if you are not truthfully in your assessment of the film then Bijou is out the money for the shipping and labor cost of going through the films.


Expiration of offer


Bijou's purchase price offer will be emailed to you, the offer is good for 30 days from the date of the email. If you accept our offer within that 30 days we must receive a conformation email that you accept the offer and all merchandise must be received within that 30 day period. If materials are received after that 30 period the original offer in void. At that point we will either offer a new purchasing price for the materials or the materials will be shipped back to you.



After the receiving the materials we will inspect materials for quantity, titles and condition. If the materials are not accurately described we will ship them back to you with no payment. When you send the materials you must also include your name and address so we know who to make the check out to and the address to send the check to. Also when you send the materials you will need to confirm that you shipped the materials by email in which you should also put in your name and mailing address in the email.

If everything is in order a check will be sent out to you within a week of receiving the materials and an email sent to you confirming payment. If you would want Bijou product in place of a check please let us know what merchandise you want.

Donating magazines etc to Bijou

If you want to donate magazines and other items to Bijou, again we would need accurate information about those items (list of what information we need is listed above a-i). If the materials you want to donate are to our standards, we will pay for the shipping of those items by sending you our UPS number. But please remember that the secure packaging instruction listed above also apply to donations.


You will need to package the items and then weight the package or box (box's) and let us know how many packages or box's there are to be shipped. We will send you UPS labels to put on the package or box (box's), then you need to take them to UPS for shipping. For small packages you may want to pay the postage in-which Bijou will reimburse you for the shipping costs.

All items must be packaged very, very securely with extra padding so the items are not destroyed or damaged in the shipping. All merchandise will be shipped ground unless instructed otherwise by Bijou. (We have seen what some people think is secure, padded and tightly sealed). Please remember that shipping is at your own risk and you will not be reimbursed for the damage unless a UPS truck runs over the package. We have had people negotiate their items with us that did not accurately describe the items, and ship them stating that the shipper damaged them. There was no possible way the shipper could have damaged those items unless they were used, abused and enjoyed by a few hundred men in the shipping process in route to Bijou.

Steven Toushin


3- Shipping


Bijou ships UPS and USPS, we only ship to the billing address of the card holder.. We do not ship to Post office Box's. We do not Ship to Utah, Tennessee, Mississippi,



4- Shipping charges for UPS, USPS


Our preferred shipper is UPS unless requested to ship through the U.S Post Office (USPS).


Our standard charge for UPS is $9.00 for the first item, a dollar for each additional item. Thisprice is for standard ground shipping that includes insurance for your order if lost or damaged, and the tracking for your package as well.  UPS delivers to most areas of the continental US within 3-4 days.


The average USPS charge for sending a First Class package is $3.00. This does not include insuring your item nor the ability for accurate tracking of the package.  For insurance and tracking purposes, we would need to send the package Registered Mail which costs an additional $2.00, making the total cost for shipping a package securely $5.00.


We ship USPS when requested. We stay away from using the U.S. Post Office because of our past problematic experiences. A- The post office was erratic in deliveries which lead to many customer calling asking us, where was their package/order, and when will it be delivered . B- Accurately tracing packages sent through the Post Office that are not shipped Registered mail is next to impossible.


So we believe the $9 fee for UPS service is a much better bargain for you. You will receive your package promptly, you may track it's progress and know when it will arrive. Should your package get lost in transit, Bijou will replace your order immediately at no additional charge. If your order is damaged in transit you will have to call UPS and file a claim and then sent us a copy of that claim (so we will be able to collect from USP). Once that is done Bijou will replace your order immediately.



5- International Shipping


 Bijou only ships to the card holders billing address. We do not ship to Post Office Box's.


Because of the variety of merchandise, weights and shipping options, our online system is unable to determine a precise shipping rate for international orders. But for certain orders through the Post Office we do have a standardized International rate.


We are able to ship International order's that fit into a Priority Flat Rate envelope – That would consist of 1-2 DVDs, or 1-4 magazines, or any merchandise of equal volume. Priority Flat Rate envelopes can be shipped to Canada for 17.00 US and else where around the world for 24.00 US.


Shipping rates for larger orders will be provided once your order has been received.  This shipping rate will be sent to you via email for your approval before your order would be processed and shipped.
International Shipping (please read)
"Bijou does not assume any responsibility for any international shipments of our products that is withheld and not delivered to you by your country's customs officials or postal service. We will gladly replace any item or items damaged during shipment but we will not reship nor give a refund for items seized by your country's customs officials or postal service."
Please send any questions pertaining to international orders to